Calendar error when trying to dissociate a ride from a workout

Have two rides logged on Saturday, rode out doing a TR outdoor workout and then rode home which was logged on the Bolt as a separate event.

On the calendar, it’s related the ‘ride home’ as the planned workout, so naturally I wanted to change it to associate the earlier ride with the workout. If I try to dissociate this ride (see image) the webapp app crashes with the “We’ve taken a nasty spill” crash page. Same is true if I try to reassign the earlier ride.

In the browser console (chrome), I see a PUT to that fails with a 500 status with message: “Object reference was not set to an instance of an object.”

Sorry for the trouble! It sounds like there’s a known issue surrounding un-associating that we’re working on, please reach out to the team at and they’ll help out!

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I noticed the issue as well and reported it. You can use the mobile app or desktop app in the meantime (it does not crash). However, if you are trying to modify stuff that is more than 6 months old, there’s no work around at the moment…

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I’ve had something similar. The only work around I know to get round the ‘nasty spill’ is to delete everything and re upload them and re-associate them.