TR Associated my commute to my swim

I took my commuter and rode to pool. Took a swim and after this I rode my commuter to work.

Now when I tried to find my swim from the Calender it looks like it has merged with the commute to the pool.
I had no planned cycling rides.

Is there a way to seperate the swim from my commute to the pool?
Also this seems to be a bit of a bug.

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Have you tried clicking the little edit pencil to disassociate it?

After clicking the pencil there is no option to disassociate it. At least not anything I could find.

You have to click anywhere on the associated activity other than on the pencil :laughing:

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Was it raining?


Not enough to swim. And it would have been snow. :slight_smile:


I had the same issue last week - my planned swim was associated with an outside ride I did :confused:

Sure does. It should only associate activities of the same type. @Bryce, are you guys aware of this one?

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Hi There!

Having your ride matched as your swim certainly is some strange activity. Although, you can always disassociate your activities from each other in your Calendar, online. So, at least they are not stuck together!

That being said, we have not seen an unusual amount of people experiencing this issue. Normally TR would try to grab your activities and match them to what is planned for that day the best that it can. Obviously, it gets this wrong sometimes… If anyone is experiencing this issue consistently, please let TR Support know at

We would be happy to help you out there!

Lastly, if anyone needs any extra information on how to match your planned TR workouts, and your other activities, please see the Help Center Article below:

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This seems to be happening to me regularly so I will send support an email about the issue.