YouTube and TrainerRoad on Windows not compatible?

Does anyone else have issues trying to use YouTube and TrainerRoad on Windows?

If I try to open YouTube in a browser (tried both chrome and windows edge) the screen gets frozen as soon as I try to minimize TrainerRoad.

I could just do YouTube on the computer and do trainer road on my phone, but then if I try to run TrainerRoad on my phone and change the song on Spotify then TrainerRoad loses my spot and starts the workout over.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Minimal Mode and YouTube @alexstenerson. Go ahead and shoot us an email at and one of our agents will take a closer look. We should be able to get this sorted out with the help of our experts :+1:.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Works fine for me using Chrome on Windows 10.

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I have been having issues with minimal mode with the Trainerroad windows app a while now. There has been at least two updates since it stopped working. I thought you were aware of these issues?! Maybe I should contact the support as well?

Please do :+1:.

I’m using Firefox and having no issues with minimal mode, just as a data point. The machine is a Dell 2-in-1 (convertible), Win10 Pro with all updates/patches.

You on Windows 7 or 10?

Mine is on 7. All the people with 10 seem to be doing okay

No problem here using Firefox on Win10. Can try edge and chrome this afternoon.

Problem for me as well. Windows 10, happens with both chrome and edge.

+1 for problems with Windows 10 and Edge/Chrome when minimising - running latest app and updates - will email support.

Thats what happens to me, firefox and chrome

I deleted all TR files and fresh install, still with problems. Using my iphone next to my laptop :frowning:

I’m running Win10 on a NUC dedicated to Trainerroad (…and Golden Cheetah). Pretty sure it’s a Win/Trainerroad issue. I’ll get back with some screenshots if anyone would like to compare.

Tried Chrome and TrainerRoad this afternoon with no problems.

I have tried Youtube an Trainerroad (in their respective Apps) on an Android tablet a couple of times. Youtube in front and Trainerroad in the background. The result is always that Trainerroad freezes after some time. Then the Trainerroad app has to be stopped and restarted.

Now I run Youtube on a competely separate unit instead.

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