Any UPS drivers out there?

Is there any UPS driver trying to get ready for a race and working in this heat? What do you do to maximize recovery during your route ?

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A good friend of mine is a UPS driver and he said during the week it’s hard to get on the bike after delivering in the heat each day. He said he just tries to drink a lot and get rest as much as possible.

I would consider it part of your training to be the actual delivering part, if you aren’t able to ride, try running or speed walking here and there when delivering. Obliviously if you are and to ride as well, then take it as easy as possible when delivering. Then on weekends really try to get some time on the bike. Obviously try to build in some rest days.

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I deliver online grocery orders to customers’ houses and treat every working day as a workout. Plenty of liquids (with electrolytes) and food. I also have a recovery shake after every shift. Plenty of good quality wholefoods, fruit and veg before, during and after each shift and on days off. Every working day is a workout - just not on the bike.


Thanks for the msg. I would reply earlier but these notifications are going to my junk mail.:roll_eyes: good info, I’m having to cut back to 2 days a week to be able to recover, it’s crazy how the heat can take it out of you. I was doing around 50 miles on the mountain bike in 4-5 rides before work, it has been hard cutting it back.

I’m not a UPS driver, so this may not count, but I’ll offer it up for your reading pleasure.
I do service and repair work on pools and spas. I’m out in the heat and sun all day long and in/out of the van multiple times. The time spent working in the heat certainly helps with heat adaptation, but it does make it tough to do a workout at the end of the day. My days are flipped when training for an event. Currently I’m getting up at 3:50 on tues-thurs mornings and getting on the trainer by 04:00. I get the workout done before work and try hard to recover well after work.
I realize this may not work depending on your shift or whether or not you have small children, etc. (mine are teenagers)
Yeah, there are days when my legs are fried when I get to work and I have to suck it up and deal with “angry legs” all day. Yeah, it sucks going to bed by 9:00. Yes, it really sucks to roll out of bed when there’s a 3 in the hour position.
What doesn’t suck? Beating your previous best in your “A” race by over 25 minutes.

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