Any idea when it is best to do lighter workout?

I’m in the middle of SweetSpot Base High Vol 1. During the week there are hard days and easy/less hard days. The objective of those days is to gain maximum recovery and repair/rebuild - the training gain.

Am I better doing the lighter exercise early in the day shortening pre-lighter exercise recovery or pushing it to the end of the day? And equally so am I better doing the harder session as far after any workout? Or vice versa?

Or does it really not matter?

Basically - as long a gap between tough & easy or between easy & tough?

Most of the recovery and adaptation from stress comes from quality nutrition and sleep. There is also the aspect of when, during the “wake” cycle, exercise is performed (studies have shown that the physiological performance is optimal between 8-12 hours after waking).

Certainly you will be less recovered if you ride at 9 PM and again at 6 AM the next morning, but I wouldn’t worry about trying to space workouts as far apart as possible. Most of us struggle to balance consistency on the bike with the demands of life. I would focus on finding blocks of time that allow for the most consistency, fuel adequately, and get as much sleep as possible.

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