Weight lifting?

I have a question regarding lifting while doing sweet spot base mid volume. I lift Mondays and Wednesdays and follow the recommended schedule in the plan. I’m wondering if I should keep my Wednesday ride 30 minutes, and add the extra volume to the end of one of my weekend rides. I’m struggling to fit lifting and a 1 hour ride in on Wednesday, but it shouldn’t be issue to add the extra time on the weekend.

According to this post:

Chad has this to say about scheduling:

Blockquote As far as scheduling your strength workouts so as not to negatively impact your endurance training, our recommendation is to separate them as much as possible but do them in the same day rather than schedule strength work on a recovery day. This allows the cell signaling the least interference, your muscles the best chance at reaping both strength and endurance benefits concurrently, and your body the opportunity to fully recover between hard workouts. And it’s prudent to recognize that the best endurance athletes will never be amongst the best strength athletes and vice versa.

Doesn’t really address your issue of adding to the weekend… Sorry I cannot help there :frowning:

Hi, @coyoteyz13. The objectives with the Wednesday ride aren’t necessarily going to be achieved by tacking the work onto another workout since I’m both trying to get you on the bike on a day when you’d otherwise not ride and thereby raise your level of training consistency, and I’m also trying to facilitate recovery with a bit of low-stress, sport-specific muscle contraction. It may not seem like it could make a measurable impact, but an extra day on the bike can do wonders in terms of aerobic adaptation, neuromuscular patterning, lymph removal, and freshness for later workouts to mention the most impactful benefits.

With all that said, you’re still getting on the bike for 30 minutes which could arguably be just as effective, maybe more so, than the 60 minutes if the longer ride leaves you overly fatigued when paired with your strength work. So I think it’s a great idea, definitely better than skipping the ride altogether.

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There is an almost identical thread going on here; Strength Training

Correct, and probably the reason @GravelNut already linked it in the first reply above :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I think I may try to get the lift in early Wednesday morning and then do the prescribed Wednesday endurance ride after work. I will probably move my Monday lift to Saturday or Sunday through the Base period since I won’t be competing on the weekends. What weekend day is best for lifting? All of this is around 3 kids XC meets at 2 different schools and 1 child’s soccer schedule. Sometimes I feel like a chauffeur with a checkbook!!! :crazy_face: