Recovery week 6

Just finished 5 weeks of high volume sweet spot base 1. Is it ok to do couple of CrossFit style workouts early in this week prior the the ramp test the following week? Great podcast, YouTube content of the podcasts. 10⭐️

I think that would depend on

  1. Do you do these types of workouts regularly? If so then you know how they affect you
  2. how tired are you? I would err on the side of more recovery rather than less
  3. What are your goals?

If you are accustomed to these workouts then it would be less of a problem but I would probably still either avoid them or do them but with less weight than usual and maybe drop a set or two. You should probably treat your cycling deload week as a CF deload week as well. Remember that the body that is doing CF is the same body that is doing the biking so even though they can be very different workouts they are still stressing the same body and that needs to be dropped at some point to recover.

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The recovery week is not just for physical recovery, but mental. If I wanted to do a couple of crossfit workouts I’d do them with a clear conscience. Let’s say do them on Monday/Tuesday but cut the endurance rides on those two days down to 30 minutes each. No prob.

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Thank you! :call_me_hand:t5: