Kickr and Galaxy S10 (latest build) not able to connect via Ant plus

So up until now trainer road via my galaxy s10 / kickr 2018 set up has been flawless. Device pairing has been a dream. However as of today, my Kickr would drop out mid ride (via bluetooth) and for the life of me I was unable to get it to connect again. The app will see the kickr device however just wont repair. After numerous close / open / restart etc etc… Trainer-road finally repaired the Kickr via Bluetooth. However it took me best part of 20 minutes to get this to work.

So, i thought all good, my Garmin cadence sensor and my garmin HR strap are still being picked up fine via Ant plus, so why not just switch and connect my kickr via the same means? But no, seems like the bug which was fixed some months back, has not worked for me, my Kickr / S10 set would appear not to have the ability to connect via Ant plus.

Is there someone who can advise or either issue. Im more concerned with the Ant plus issue, as I feel like this would be my preference if im honest.

TR Version: 2020.3.0.92026
galaxy s10 version: Andriod 10 Patched from 1 may 2020

I have no experience with this but did come across a thread and complaints of Ant+ not working correctly with Android 10. On Samsung and other phones that are running this version. Didn’t really see either a definitive resolution either (but admittedly didn’t look into it very much).

I came across this stuff because I’m doing some light new phone shopping since my device is just over 4 years old and it’s starting to show it’s age (plus it is stuck on Android 8 and probably won’t ever get another update again…Motorola and Lenovo being their owner kind of makes them really bad about software support/updates).

Hey there!

For bug reports like this, please shoot our Support Team an email at Not only will you get a direct line with one of our troubleshooting experts, but it also helps us to track down bugs and resolve them in a timely manner.

Thanks in advance!

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S10 with May 1 2020 security patch level (ATT latest patch) shows it paired over Ant+ and Bluetooth. How the software pairs to two trainers at the same time I have no idea… (ok, ant and bluetooth are from the same physical device but since its going over two independent protocols its like its pairing to two devices) @Bryce shouldn’t TR know it can only make one connection? I see this same issue in Windows 10 on my laptop too.

(Still “at work” as I work from home on the floor right above the trainer so haven’t actually tried starting a workout)

Thanks Bryce, I’ve opened up a support chain.