Anyone had a situation where a Kickr disappears via ANT+?


I only see my Kickr once in ‘Devices’ now. It always used to show twice; once for BT and once for ANT+. Is this new or do I have a problem with my Kickr? The icon shows the BT and ANT+ icons now (can’t remember if it used to), but if I turn off BT on my laptop (MacBook Pro), the Kickr disappears altogether. But I still have my HRM and Quarq connected via ANT+.

Is this a Kickr problem?


Contact support. Seems like they really just want the kickr to connect over Bluetooth is the simplified way of how it looks to me.

Me, I use a windows 10 laptop with a USB extension cord with two ant sticks. Zwift works with the trainer perfectly over ant and the zwift analyzer web site shows no issues. Trainerroad was having issues over ant to the trainer losing ant connectivity. Support said use Bluetooth so I did and it works great. The software still looks like it’s trying to connect to the trainer over ant but was told to ignore that

Try to unplug the Kickr and plug it back in. Do the same for the dongle, disconnect from MacBook and plug back in. I’ve had problems with my Kickr V1, and would have to cycle it now and then. It might not be related, but it’s quick to try.

I’ve contacted support as well. I think the key thing based upon their feedback is that it is only appearing once in Devices, when it used to appear twice (like the Quarq). I’ve also contact Wahoo to see what they think.
Re: Mac or Windows - it worked fine for me on both, except I think Windows via Bootcamp didn’t have 100% solid USB support, so I’d occasionally drop ANT+ connections. So, I boot into MacOS when using the Kickr.

Tried a few power cycles of the Kickr, rebooted my laptop, reconnected the ANT+ stick. Nothing changed. Leaning towards a Kickr issue now…