Android 10 preventing ERG on KICKR

Hi - I have TR on 2 devices, both Samsung phones however one runs on Android 9 and the other 10. ERG doesnt operate at all on 10 but all works perfectly on 9.

The 9 device is a work phone and I have to upgrade to Android 10 soon and am really worried i wont be able to use TR at all after this.

I have done everything ref calibrations both on TR and Wahoo App, I am only running on ANT and not on bluetooth,

Any ideas appreciated

I would try using Bluetooth, just to see if it works for you. Maybe it’s an issue with ANT+ and Android 10, or even specific to Samsung.

I have an Android 10 phone too and it works flawlessly using Bluetooth with my Drivo I. I’ve never tried ANT+ though, since I only use my phone for workouts when I also run Zwift on PC with ANT+.

Nevertheless, the best thing to do is to send an email to the awesome TR support at

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I used TR on my samsung s8 with the latest firmware (android 9) untill a few months ago, then upgraded to the samsung s10 (on android 10).
I never had isssues on the s8 with BT and ANT+ enabled, but on the s10, I need to disable Bluetooth, with BT enabled, the connection gets lost and doesn’t come back untill you close and restart the app. ANT+ alone works flawless. So I just disable BT now, and when I forget, I can resume the workout easily, except the ramptest… :frowning: had it in minute 16 once…
(with a kickr core)

Thanks matt. It won’t work with or without Bluetooth…hr and cadence no issue its just erg

that’s not android 10 related, I don’t have those issues on android 10 :slight_smile:

I disagree as there are a number of other threads which raise the same issue and having spoken to TR support they recommended changing from android 10 to 9. I’m not willing to do that as android 10 has better security than 9.
I appreciate your reply but the problem isn’t unique to me

but in that case, it’s not as simple as “android 10 is not working” as it does probably work in more cases than it doesn’t…
so android 10 on samsung might be very different from android 10 on a pixel device… , some brands use software close to “stock android”, other brands modify a lot.
If it’s BT or ANT related, it might also be a hardware thing, where some chipsets might cause issues, and other chipsets don’t.

So try to find if anyone else has issues with the exact same device on android 10.

I’m not saying there are no issues, I also have issues with BT on my s10 with v10 (but other issues then you describe). It’s just more complicated as there are many variables

:point_up_2: Defintely do this. Androids are tricky with sneaky power-saving modes, firmware updates, and settings that can impede device connection at times. Luckily, the support team is super pro at isolating those issues and helping identify any updates or setting changes needed. They’ll sort you out!

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