An Hour between Crits: Strategies for Fueling, Warmup, Etc.?

I couldn’t decide on whether this goes in racing or nutrition so feel free to retag as needed. What would you do when it comes to fueling between two crits the beginning of the second roughly an hour after the first one finishes? I don’t really plan on eating/drinking on the bike (they’re both <1hr) but was wondering what the best strategies for topping up would be without causing an insulin spike at the beginning of the second race.

Also, how would you time warmup between the races?

No idea if right or wrong. I drink a bottle of liquid and a gel or blocks half way through the first crit to not get too far behind for the finish and the 2nd race. Between races I immediately drink a recovery drink (your choice) and a straight bottle of water and usually eat a banana. Pin/cut number, reapply AMP, caffein up and spin for 10-15 with a few quick openers. Done 10 minutes prior to the start of the 2nd race. Same liquid and gel/block strategy.