Adjusting plans for doubling up in crits/circuits

Ok so this topic is probably being discussed everywhere. I’ve done some digging on the specific question I want to pose to the group and didn’t really find anything. If anyone knows of a thread I can reference please post it here otherwise, here goes:

My road racing season started in early March and I’ve been racing mostly crits and circuit races. This race format allows me to double up and do the 3/4 as well as the 1/2/3 race. Which hurts a lot. I’m following the sustained power build plan right now and sundays are mostly sweet spot. What would you all do on Sunday if you were me and totally blown from racing two crits the day before? HTFU and do the sweet spot stuff
or something else? I’ve done tempo the day after, and today I’m going to do a long endurance ride outside. Curious on everyone’s thoughts or if this has been discussed before. My A races aren’t until later in the season so I’m still building fitness if that matters.

Totally blown? First, I’d be spinning 20-30 mins easy after the 1/2/3 race. Sunday, go do sweet spot. Train through it. But, if you are really totally blown, probably 2-4 hours of z2.

What you’re doing today sounds about right. Get outside, spin the legs, enjoy a nice ride with no pressure after the mental and physical stress of Saturday racing, get ready to go again on Tuesday.

Only exception is if you’re in week 3 or week 7 of build, in which case, do the sweetspot workout to really bring the 3 weeks of hard work to an appropriate finish.

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I would do a 2-3 hour Z2 ride. Your doing a high intensity ride on Saturday (the Crits), so I wouldn’t do the intervals the day after race day. I would do the Z2 ride to build endurance and get your body accustomed to riding the day after a hard ride/race. The day after a race my coach typically has me do a 2.5 hour Z2 ride.