Amending Plan Builder

Hi All,

I’m in SSB2HV. It’s a 6 week block and I’m in week 5, next week is the rest week.

I’m struggling with the load and think 5 weeks of hard effort is too much for me.

SSB1HV was 3 weeks hard, 1 week easy, which I’m more used to and coped with fine.

Yesterday, I didn’t make it through the warm up before deciding to pull the plug on 107 TSS session.

Today is 145 TSS session (part of the reason I pulled the plug yesterday).

I’m going to freestyle this week and do what i can to get through, but in general wanted to know if 6 week blocks are normal and is there a clever way to edit plan builder to avoid them in the future?

This is my first time using TR. Is the 6 week block because I went for HV, or can the same thing happen in MV?

Basically, I don’t want to do a 6 week block again!

One other question on plan builder.

I signed up to the rearrange Mallorca 312 on the 10.10.20.

This is about 5 weeks after my A race.

I put it into plan builder as a B race and had expected it to fill in the blanks, but nothing has happened?

Many thanks if you can throw some light onto any of the above, it’s much appreciated.

I think you should add a restweek yourself after the first 3 weeks if you need it, to be fresh to start the last 2 heavy weeks. Which would make it a 7 week block.
I personally am starting the last week of SSBHV2, I completed every workout and even added volume in the weekends, its tough but manageable if you fuel and recover well.
The lenght of the blocks stay the same in MV, the daily workouts are just shorter.
If you feel fatigued but still want to continue in 6 weeks take a rest day or a -version of the workout.

Under normal circumstances SSBHVI is also 5 weeks on, 1 week off. So you must be working with a slightly condensed plan progression. There is no setting in plan builder to alter the work:rest ratio but obviously you are able to do whatever you want. Just push a week on the calendar to one week later and then copy a rest week and paste it into place.

All SSB volumes are 5 weeks load / 1 week recovery, and you have come to follow the highest load plan of those.I have no experience with SSB HV but I have some general training advice.

You’re doing the right thing. Listening to your body and adopting accordingly is superior to following a pre-described plan. If you feel good with the remaining sessions do them, otherwise just add extra rest or even skip ahead to the recovery week. SSB2 is a hard plan, it gives great improvements but also fatigue at the end :wink:

Except for the SSB, build and speciality will be 3 weeks load / 1 week recovery again. I don’t know what plan builder has you do next, but you are free to change of course as it fits your body.

Thanks very much for the advice, it helps to know 5 weeks hard, 1 week easy is SSB only.

My plan is to prioritise the 3 hard ones this week (TSS 135 -145) but if needs be pull it right back for the other 3 days. I might even go outside for a ride!

Other than missing out on one easy ride, I’ve managed all the sessions in base, but was really feeling the fatigue yesterday and knew I wouldn’t get through this week unless i gave myself a break.

I can feel the improvement I’ve made, so very happy really, just a bit gutted to get spat out now.

Hopefully I can get this week back on track and recover enough to face build.

Thanks again and stay safe

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It seems you have the right idea here. Prioritize the 2 or 3 biggest rides and either skip or cut down the aerobic rides first. If that isn’t enough recovery either skip that day entirely or drop the remaining sweet spot workout down to tempo.

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