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I’ve decided to give plan builder a go for my two main events this year, a 50 mile road race in June and a Gran Fondo in September. Thing is I’ve started my current training plan with TBMV1 back in October and am about to finish TBMV2. Plan builder suggests starting with SSBMV1 all over again. Is this too much base training? or should I finish traditional base and pick up where build phase begins? What would be the proper or correct way to proceed? Thanks

@mcneese.chad suggested I set the start date to the beginning of my training, I’ve only been going for 4 months, to avoid this issue, when did you say your start date to?

I set it for October 8th (I corrected this with your suggestion). I may have messed the timeline up by performing TBMV1 twice. I saw it suggested for people with some extra weight to lose somewhere in the app, and re did a week or 2 since some workouts were skipped due to life events. With the way the plan lines up with the calendar now, I should be at the end of the first week of GBMV. How should my current training be adjusted to get on track with plan builder?

I think transitioning from TB2 into SSB1 is actually a very good idea. There was a long thread with many comments on doing just that. Also multiple comments that going from TB straight into build is “brutal” because of the sudden jump into a lot of high intensity work.

Any benefit to Traditional Base vs Sweet Spot?


I used plan builder to get ready for an even the end of this month. I don’t think I am going to do the event so is there any way to edit the plan to make it like more traditional build? Or do I need to just start a build plan all over.

Thank you, that makes sense. So I suppose the next question would be how to transition from TBMV2. Should I finish TBMV2, skip TBMV3 and go to to ssmvb1?

Since you’ve done three blocks of TB (you mentioned doing TBMV1 twice, plus now finishing TBMV2), I would skip TBMV3 and go right into SSB. That’s similar to what I did last fall— TB 1&2 to help build a strong aerobic foundation, then move over to SSB. I just finished SSBLV1 and start SSBLV2 next week.

If you’re relatively new to structured training, you might consider doing SSB low volume, then adding in low intensity rides (Townsend, Gibbs, or another you’re now familiar with from TB) once you’re sure you can recover in time for the three hard rides/week in SSBLV. I’ve found that TBMV is similar in terms of recoverability as SSBLV.

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Thank you!