Am I the only TR user only doing outdoor workouts?

I’ve been a user of TraineRoad for a few months now, and as yet, have not performed any workout indoors. In fact, I’ve not even dusted off the trainer and brought it down from the loft. I follow the plans, and pretty much all my outdoor workouts are now TR workouts.

Curious if I’m alone having never done an indoor workout with TR…


Where do you live? It must be awesome there…


About 5 months since I’ve done a trainer workout. Nearby outdoor velodrome makes a great place to do structured TR workouts.


I’ve done maybe 10 indoor rides since last fall, I ride outside whenever possible, do the workouts on fatbike in the winter and then switch to CX and road bikes once the snow is gone

Really. I can do endurance rides on a local bike/walk path, but actual workouts are hard. I did 4x12 at sweet spot a few weeks ago and it was decent, but nowhere near the structure as indoors. The bike path itself is nice, but has road crossings every 1-2 miles, so every interval had short drops in power as I got close to the intersection (usually blind), and a spike as I started back up. Again, not terrible as I could get ~80-90% adherence to the interval, but not indoor training level. Plus there were a few times I had to slow to pass walkers taking up the entire path, but I could have gone at a different time to help with that. And the kicker is that it’s 30 minutes one way to drive there, making it hard to justify an hour in the car for an hour on the bike. Which is why I usually only go there for long 2-3 hour endurance rides.

I’d love to be able to train outdoors, just don’t have the area that suits it unfortunately.

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I just did my first outside workout, the average power seems right for each interval but it’s way spikier than inside, can’t imagine I’m getting the same training effect


I haven’t done an indoor workout in about a month, outside is much more enjoyable. Am I getting the same training benefit? Not sure but my tss is usually above the indoor workout and I hit my power numbers. Yes they can get a bit spiky but not much. I’m not a racer, just looking to get faster and fitter so this works for me. I also have an 11-23 cassette so that makes things easier.

I’m really lucky, I go out my door, ride 1km through my neighborhood and I have 35km of interrupted road along the Niagara river which is pancake flat. Literally only one stop sign near my house then open road. I might get 200-300ft of elevation gain on a 50 km ride, most of which is false flats or 1 degree inclines for a short period. traffic is very light and the Speed limit is 50km/h. Only Down side is I have to travel to do some climbing but for structured training it’s amazing!


No where spectacular. There’s a lot of riding up down the one or two roads that make it possible. And make use of the wind.

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I’m guessing if you hit your power targets or HR targets it doesn’t really matter if it is spicier or not. Important thing is power target and duration on intervals. My opinion anyway!!

I just started training outside since the weather has become more agreeable. I don’t think it is as efficient but it gives me more motivation to keep going as opposed to being stuck in my basement.

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Damn! Power quads over here. But seriously, that’s really high gearing to me. I just “upgraded” to 11-30t from the 11-32t I’ve been using for years. Can’t imagine going to 11-23t, way too tough.

I wish! Unfortunately where I live, riding season is from April to October, with April and October being spotty at best.

Now that it is nice outside, I do plan on more outdoor workouts. I’m waiting for a new brake to arrive next week which will give me enough clearance for the 4iiii PM. Then I will be able to follow a TR workout more efficiently outside. I am fortunate to live on the outskirts of the city, minutes away from open highway with very few interruptions. If I want less traffic, I do need to ride (or drive) a bit further, but the amount of rideable highways with no stops here is never ending. No climbs to speak of however …

Honestly…I can get pretty good structured intervals by dragging the brakes leading up to intersections with traffic lights and timing them.

Started doing outdoor workouts and now find it even harder to sit on the trainer indoors. :woozy_face:

Carpathian Peak +3 outdoors today. Am very lucky where I live (Salzburg, Austria), where there are long climbs not far away.

Ah I went to Salzburg last year for a visit. That’s the dream! Basically an alpine level climb right from the centre of town! Still working out how I can live there… for the summer months anyway.

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I’ll take -4 degreees c before getting back on the turbo. I may not be the best advocate for TR!

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I normally use an 11-28 when I ride hills but around my house like I say it’s pancake flat, I don’t even use the small ring at all unless it’s a strong headwind. Trust me I’m not that fast lol.

I did that one today, Gaisberg :wink: really well suited for TR outdoors.

Let me know when you’re in town again

I have a similar situation with a rail trail close to my house. The intersections I can handle to be able to ride outside unfortunately there is major pedestrian traffic with the current situation and riding intervals is flat out dangerous. I will use it for endurance rides and there is a little less traffic when I get out of town.