Allergy Sufferers - Success Story - serious allergies & asthma gone!

I thought I would share a story that may help some that suffer from serious allergies.
I have a person that has worked for me for approximately 2 years. He has suffered from serious asthma for most of his life. Moving to Reno caused his asthma to become much worse and last year he was admitted to the ER on three occasions. Each time he was admitted he spent approximately 4 days in the hospital. He saw several specialists, had testing done by an allergist and tried several different medications. There were many times at work where he sounded like he was breathing through a straw. He had to walk slowly everywhere he went and used an inhaler several times per day. The allergist that tested him said he was allergic to every type of pollen found in the Reno area.

He started becoming depressed and thought he would have to move his family back to Monterey where his symptoms were not as severe. He felt like he had tried everything possible and did not know what else to do.

I talked to him about my experience alleviating hay fever by changing my diet. He told me that he wasn’t allergic to any foods and did not see how changing what he ate could help with his allergies to pollen. He was so desperate though that he was willing to give it a shot. He decided to try a strict elimination diet.

In less than a month he no longer needed his inhaler, did not need his CPAP anymore, had no difficulties breathing and was finally was able to get some good sleep each night. He could not believe the difference. His wife was amazed and said he no longer snored at night. He stopped his medication and during a follow-up at the doctors office he finally had blood oxygen numbers that were normal. He had suffered from high blood pressure for many years and now his BP is normal.

The change in diet had totally changed his life. He no longer needed to move and has not been to the ER since he changed his diet about 8 months ago. He used to see me out cycling, climbing, skiing, running, backpacking and more and told me on several occasions that he wished he could be out there doing all of those things. Now he can do whatever he wants without any symptoms. He currently is eating a diet with almost no processed foods and lots of vegetables. The types of foods he eats would probably be most similar to a Paleo diet.

I hope this info helps some of you that suffer from allergies.


Nobody would argue against that. It’s just too difficult, boring and slightly depressing to be 100% compliant.

What specific food did cause his issues?

He really did not end up doing a strict elimination diet where you introduce foods one at a time over an extended period of time and has not identified 1 single food that was to blame.

Update: just checked in with him today and he has identified shellfish, mushrooms and tofu as an issue for him.

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