Post day ride/workout allergy symptoms


I normally don’t have any allergies, but I’ve been noticing through the calendar (with those annotations) that I’ve been getting allergy symptoms where my nose just clogs up and I sneeze like mad the day after I do some sort of higher intensity workout/ride. First time it happened, I thought I got sick, I was sneezing constantly through the day and my face just felt uncomfortable, but the day after, all the symptoms just dropped off.

Here are the days that I was affected:

week 38 two days after Tallac (75 tss)
week 40 day after Ebbetts and outdoor ride (total 101 tss)
week 43 day after Leconte (126 tss)
week 44 day after Mary Austin (127 tss)
week 45 day after outdoor rides (total 127 tss)
minor symptoms week 47 day after two consecutive days of 2 ramp tests (68 tss)
week 47 day after Carpathian Peak (92 tss)

It really throws my game off, has anyone had this issue before? I’ve looked around and it seems the term “Exercise-induced Rhinitis” is used to describe what I’m feeling. I’m thinking about getting an air purifier to see if that helps when I’m sleeping. One instance congested my nose so badly that I couldn’t sleep, had dry mouth and I had to pull the trigger and use the nasal decongestant spray.


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