AI FTP testing with Polarized training?

I would like to start training with Polarized training as I am a retired 67 year old male in great condition who does not race and mostly does endurance riding. Been using TR off and on for past two years and consistently the last year or so. Anywhere between 30-100 mile rides 5-6 days per week and a total mileage of about 150-180 miles per week. Combination of indoor on trainer and outdoors. I still want to see my FTP every 6 weeks or so and do not want to take the ramp test. If AI does not work with your Polarized plans, should i just use Train Now and choose endurance rides for 80% of the time and choose the VO2 man or Climbing workouts also shown in Train Now? I ride/train between 7-10 hours per week. AI is key for me as I l love how it knows how hard I should be pushing or not by looking at my prior results from workouts and outdoor rides. Thanks.

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Train Now is a fine option for flexibility. I’m not sure why AI-FTPD wouldn’t work with Pol though.

Just schedule the Ramp Test at the frequency you wish (so long as it’s more than two weeks) if it’s not frequent enough on the plan.

The Auto Detection AI-FTPD sounds perfect for this scenario and doesn’t sound too far off (guess).

I’ve been doing my own plan with self built workouts. VO2 max , threshold and Z2. AI FTP worked in my case giving me a 6 watt boost last time. Of course this pushed the VO2 workout power targets up too, so I’ve had to back down on my effort to get to 5 x 3 min at 120% with 90 sec rests.

I was listing to one of the podcasts and someone asked about AI FTP and Polarized training. Amber confirmed AI FTP worked fine with a Polarized plan.

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AI FTP is independent of any plan. Just schedule a ramp test and then rather than taking the test, have AI FTP do its magic.

Let me say, though, that in my experience, after a longer period off the bike (say a month), AI FTP was not very accurate. It predicted a much larger drop in FTP than measured and verified by several workouts and an outdoor ride. So don’t switch off your brains here, AI FTP like so much in life is a trust-but-verify thing.

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Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I guess I can’t go wrong using either Train Now or the Polarized training plan and I will still get to use the AI FTP feature. Great feedback and very helpful.