Polarized training and suggested vs real FTP

Hello everybody!

Although I am not new to using the TrainerRoad software, I am now opening my first topic related to testing the FTP vs the suggested FTP and I will try to explain why I am confused.

A short history of how I started and I hope I don’t bore anyone :slight_smile:

In 2020, I started using TR and at first more training outside, then group activities. I had chosen a high volume training plan for climbers. I found it extremely difficult, but still there were positive results compared to my previous trainings. Then I did the Ramp Test according to how the program dictated, always with emotion and full of hope.
So we continued in 2021 with training on the TR, and in the fall we started the preparation for the 2022 season, but this time the plan for the high-volume Rolling Road Race. Adaptive training also appeared and it seemed to me that the plan went well. I had a pretty high success rate for the workouts.

From October 24, I still said to start polarized training. Twice the 6-week module for the base and then 2 times the 8-week module for the build.
The problem is that the AiFTP is at 295-296w. I could do specialized training without major problems. But now I struggle with almost all VO2Max and Threshold training. Ok, I understand, it must be very close to the limit, but I can’t seem to finish them. In the last 2 weeks I manually set the FTP to 290w so I could finish. In vain I answered the questions at the end of the training with Very Hard or All Out, because it didn’t seem to me that much was changing.

Now I’m finishing the week of recovery/reduced intensity and an FTP test would follow. What would you do in my place? Would you do the Ramp Test or would you continue with Ai Detection? Or maybe you have other tips.

Thank you in advance for your patience to read and answer!

If you manually set your FTP a couple weeks ago, I don’t believe you’ll be able to use AI FTP detection anyways (28 day separation).

On November 14th I used Ai Ftp detection thinking I would go down a bit. It actually went from 295 to 296w, and then I manually put 290.
So the options would be a manual ftp or a Ramp test.

As you seem to struggle with the harder workouts there is nothing wrong keeping FTP as is and let AI adapt according to your survey feedback.

When your PL’s reach about 8-9 you can adjust your FTP in a way you feel appropriate: manually, by AI or any of the various FTP tests.

Remember that FTP is just a blunt guideline to scale the intensity in the workouts, PL is for fine-tuning. The hard workouts should be hard but doable.


In the end, I also tried Ai FTP detection and did a Ramp Test. The results were 298w vs 272w!
I admit that I didn’t have a very bright weekend before the test, but still it seems that the difference between the prediction and the reality is quite big :frowning:

Stick with your known ftp and build your TiZ