AI FTP accounting for altitude

Hi there, I just spent a good part of the summer riding in Santa Fe (7000 ft). The AI FTP has upped my FTP by ~10 watts, even though while there my rides were about 10% less power than my primary residence in San Antonio (1000 ft). Is AI FTP noticing the elevation of the rides, and normalizing the power to sea level? Thanks.

I’m going to chime in here because I think I know the answer, but also what might be a cool enhancement request or feature for the TR team to build in in the future.

I think that TR does not know your altitude, so your FTP is relative to the altitude where you’ve been training. So, if you went back to sea level your FTP would be low and you’d be able to put out higher power levels (Except I think Anaerobic IIRC?). Vice versa, I train at sea level and will be racing the Barn Burner in Flagstaff in about a month and a half at ~7000’ elevation. I’m going to need to adjust my FTP down based on the altitude for pacing purposes.

From a potential enhancement / feature perspective It would be interesting if TR could collect Elevation data, either by input from a device, location permission from a device, or manual entry and use that to further “classify” TR workouts. For example, if I’m training at Sea Level, and then go do a camp or extended stay in Leadville or similar altitude, it’d be cool to have TR adjust FTP and Progression levels to handle the altitude change, and vice versa. Enough data over time, and TR could have tremendous insight into the actual impact of altitude changes and different training / power zones.

Enjoy the Barn Burner! Pack a rain coat. Did the relay last year and got drenched on the final lap.

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