Training at Different Altitude

Over this winter I will be doing training at two different altitudes due to work. 2 days a week I will be training (indoors) at 9,000 ft (2,700 m) and 1 day a week (outdoors) at my “normal elevation” of 5,280 ft (1,610 m).

As I have started my training plan after a longer than normal break. It is hard/not-possible for me to complete any of my workouts at the hiring elevation, as prescribed. Is there a best practice for doing “altitude” adjusted workouts? Should I adjust my FTP to my altitude adjusted FTP and just do “more power” during my lower altitude days?

Being from the UK I’ve not got an altitude issue and forgive me if I’m speaking total codswallop, but my instinct is too set your FTP at what feels right for those 2 high altitude sessions and raise the intensity % as feels right for the lower altitude workout. Then play it ‘by ear’ (so as to speak) to see what AI FTP gives you; you may have to do similar again or you may find for instance to do a workout at altitude you always (theoretical numbers) have to drop the % intensity of a workout by 1% but raise the % intensity by 3% on your AI FTP.

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Adjust power as prescribed by the chart in this article:

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Sounds like Denver and Frisco!

Can you do your higher intensity sessions like VO2max/threshold at lower elevation, and lower intensity like endurance/tempo sessions at higher elevation?

If doing high intensity stuff at elevation, adjust your FTP (or workout intensity) down by ~7% at first (6-7% for every 3300 feet of gain). And can dial in that adjustment over time as you get used to how altitude affects you.

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Don’t do the hard workouts at high elevation