“Afterburn” and calorie consumption

So, my understanding is that after a weight lifting session, significant energy (prefering protein?) is used in rebuilding damaged muscle.

During obviously more cardio based TR sessions, my legs ache and I wonder if this is somewhat similar damage (albeit in lesser quantities) to that done in weights? If so, then does this also lead to energy use after the TR session itself? Would these calories be negligable, and if not, are they included in those estimated by TR?

I’m honestly interested, and not just trying to justify post workout cakes.*

  • might be trying to justfy post workout cakes.

Here’s one study that says afterburn accounts for 6-15% of total energy consumed by the exercise. But they indicate that this figure may be higher for interval workouts.

Here’s another study that found additional caloric burn after exercise equal to 37% of the energy burned during the exercise itself.

So a big range - but I think the main takeaway is that yes, calorific afterburn happens and it can be significant.

I don’t believe the TR app (or likely others also) includes afterburn calories in its energy expenditure calculations - and calculates calories directly from kJ generated by exercise, making an appropriate assumption about body mechanical efficiency - usually somewhere in the low 20%s.

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Are far as I can tell post workout after-burn Cals are not taken into account, but then I don’t think you should as in workout calories are slightly over estimated anyway dependant on where your power measurement is taken. There are multiple sources that say take 10 - 20% of your workout number Calories to account for inefficiencies in power transfer ^see dependant above^. I don’t know if that is correct but I take 85 - 90% of the Cals in exercise + my BMR + General Activity level and stay the same weight. If I eat more Cals I gain weight. So Sorry no excuse for FREE cake!