BC Bike Race - Any tips and tricks?

Hi All. I am doing the BC Bike Race in 2020. for my 50th BDay. I have just ordered a new Norco Revolver FS120 which will should be perfect.

I have more experience MTB’ing than road and consider myself technically competent, enduro riding regularly in Rotorua NZ and an annual pilgrimage to Whistler. My FTP is 230-35 jut over 3w/kg and it hasn’t moved in 18 months despite Trainer Road… endurance seems better though. With my fitness and skill level a top 250 out of 600 would probably be realistic and anything else a bonus.

Has anyone done the race? Any tips for packing and racing that you had wished you had known? How bad is the travel between stages and the queues. I have done some research but open to suggestions.

I did BCBR in 2015 and this year. I put most of my thoughts and advice in a thread called “7 day stage racing” or something like that.

In 2015 I was about 3.65 W/kg training 6-7hrs/wk, although I had a big setback in May with a concussion. Finished ~180th out of 600.

This year i was 4 or 4.1 W/kg with better skills and finished 124th.

When you finish each stage get right on bike wash and showers- the lines can be long and you want to get through all of that and get to recovery. I see people standing around, chatting, drinking beer, etc for hours. That’s fine if you’re not after performance, but for me I want to be off my feet. I also left a bottle in my bag with no water but skratch recovery powder - filled and downed that right at the end of the stage.

You’re going to love it.

Thanks Trevor. Good tips Re getting the bike sorted and shower. I did like the skratch powder / bottle in the bag and will do that. I will also try to get my FTP up to 3.5 but can’t see it happening with the minimal improvements over the last 18 months.

I did it this past year and it was a blast.

If you do enduro your tech skills will be fine.

Overall the organization is great with minimal time waiting around between stages. The long transfers are on ferry with lots of space and hot food.

As far as tips:

  1. It is a long week. Ride steady and you’ll be fine.
  2. There was one day with a transfer in the morning and a late start/finish. Do everything you can to start refueling as soon as you finish. I did a poor job and was in a calorie hole the next day which was not too much fun.
  3. A lot of the climbing is on fire roads lock into a steady pace and don’t get too caught up in racing those around you.
  4. If someone offers you whiskey on the trail, take it.
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Thanks for the tips… I will stay clear of the whisky though! I will stash some food in my bag for after the race that might help.