Adjusting Weekly TSS / Sustained Power Build

I am wondering why the Weekly TSS is lower on the Sustained Power Build Mid Vol. Plan, compared to the General Build Plan. I still have not decided whether to choose General or Sustained Power build when I have finished Sweet Spot II Mid. Vol. But if I choose Sustained Power Build, I am considering changing my Sunday workout to one which have higher TSS but still makes me work in the same power zones as the workout I replace. This way I can make the Weekly TSS identical to the TSS in the General Build Plan. What are your thoughts on this?

Why are you trying to match TSS to General Build? Is it more in line with your TSS ramp rate? Do you feel the TSS in SPB is not enough compared to your history of training load?

Whether you choose SPB or General Build should be based on how each plan fits into your goals as a rider/racer.

I have two goals in this season, grand Fondo stelvio and some local crits but I guess That Grand Fondo Stelvio will be my A race so it will be the SPB plan. My training load Will progress during the plan, but I think that the sunday workouts looks a little easy.

I’d recommend going through at least the first two weeks of the Plan to see how you feel under the full weekly load, and then adjust from there :slight_smile:

It’s always better to add TSS later than to take on more than you can handle, and have to adjust your TSS down later on :+1:


Thanks.:grinning:. Also I can see that the sundays becomes harder in the last part of the plan with two hour rides. No need to overthink it, just follow coach Chad and pedal :wink:

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