General build vs Sustained power build


As I was scanning through the build phases something struck me. The first block of general build looks more like(in my eyes) sustained build than sustained build phase does i.e longer intervals at slightly lower intensity.

Any thoughts on this? is my thoughts just wrong?


Which volume are you comparing?

oh, missed that part. High volume on both plans.

One of the goals in sustained power build is lactate tolerance workouts hence the higher intensity.

In regards to this topic, the description for Sustained Power Build says it’s more for Gran Fondo and Road Race climbers, but which plan would you all choose (if Plan Builder didn’t do it for you) if your races/group rides were more about climbing? I’ve been a TR member for 3 years and have always gone with Sustained Power Build but Plan Builder put me in General Build this time. Looks interesting, as I’ve never done GBMV before. What are your thoughts, stick SPBMV or give GBMV a try?

If you were climbing like a time trial, then sustained power, but if those climbs might become key spots to make moves or get dropped etc. then general build might make sense.

That said, if General build looks interesting, and motivating, I’d give it a shot anyways, especially if you’ve done sustained a lot, the different stimulus could help open up your ceiling a little bit with the change in stimulus for future blocks.