Adjusting HV Plan?

Currently i’m doing about 17-18hrs/week (~900-1000 TSS). Until now, i’ve basically done mid volume, but added the rest of my hours as Z2. I was about to start specialty, but given no events, i’ve gone back to plan builder as not much point in specialty at the moment.

In plan builder, i’ve selected HV - and was thinking i’d do the same. However, given that number of hours, do you think HV has too much at sweetspot, and i’d get better results doing something else? Seems like i have more time than the typical HV plan.

I assume that you are considering the HV Base. It is about 8-11 hrs. per week and about 530-630 TSS per week so you would be adding around 8 hrs. weekly of Z2. An hour of Z2 is about 36 TSS (assuming 60% IF) so that would give you 818-918 TSS weekly, similar to what you are doing now. However, as they say, not all TSS is created equal (equally?). I would guess that most can handle a higher TSS of sweet spot than VO2 so this should be doable. I guess you are going to have to give it a try and see. As for getting better results, well, I guess that depends on what results you are looking for. It would certainly give you a monster base for moving ahead. And, you would be able to get up-to-date on all your binge watching :slight_smile: Are you thinking of adding in a second ride each day at Z2, tacking on an extra hour after a sweet spot workout, or doing a mega ride or two?


SS base HV was designed with lots of those 2 hour sessions in…I did it last winter - it can get quite tough. If you are going to do nearly 20 hours a week then over half of it should be zone 2. Unless you are great at recovery then that much SS is to much. Maybe 2x 2hour SS sessions and about 14 hours of zone 2? Otherwise you are going to have to do some of the really long SS turbo sessions - one of those a week is ok - several will grind you down. Also most of us have more time at present but don’t do so much that you are burnt out if and when racing starts again.

Working toward similar numbers as you have. I keep it simple: following SSBHV plan and ride workouts outdoors as much as possible (weather permitting). To get to start of course takes ~20min at Z2, ride 2/3 of actual session in one direction, 1/3 back and then cycle at Z2 back to home.

For example, Carillon+2 1h30m/102TSS → 2h40m/162TSS. Although, as I am not too good at keeping zone discipline, got just 40min of SS time instead of prescribed 60min. But I hope this will improve over time. This way current SSBHV1 week 3 prescribed 9hr/582TSS → 15hr/751TSS.

But to be honest, this was first week to try this approach. Also, used indoor FTP, don’t know if it is different from outdoor FTP for me. Will perform next FTP test outdoors. Anyway, so far feeling fine and recovering well.