Adjusting for IRL Rides

I got in a night time MTB ride to test out my lighting on some local forest trails, as I prepare for a 360 mile adventure race in 2 months. My Garmin Forerunner 955 told me this morning that my HRV and sleep and training load suggests a recovery time of 84 hours, which I get TR doesn’t know about, but means that ride definately impacts my Acute Load.

I have a 90 min Threshold workout today. TR didn’t adapt the workout in light of a big ride late last night. Is this the idea in the WLV2 TR update? To assess non-TR rides and adapt subsequent TR workouts?

YES! Right now, unstructured outdoor rides and not looked at within AT, but with WLV2 that is expected to change.

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With a ride nearly 4 hours long, at .57IF and 124 TSS, it looks to me to be more of an endurance (z2) pace. I can’t imagine your scheduled Threshold workout will be affected by the effort outside.

Are you experiencing any sort of notable fatigue from riding last night?

No I’m actually feeling good. The only issue is I got back around midnight, finally got to sleep about 1am, and like normal was up by 5am. So just some sleep quality issues. And it was nice and cool on that ride, and didn’t get thirsty and got dehydrated. But my TR workout after lunch should go ok.

I think you’ll crush this one, and you got the added benefit of some Z2 volume this week :muscle: