Additional workout after a race?

So we are getting into the busy road racing season in So Cal and I’m almost halfway through general build mid volume. I’ve done two races recently that I didn’t feel like were all that challenging. Last week Sunday’s race was a half hour crit and didn’t take that much out of me, but Saturday’s race was killer so I just averaged the two days for enough stress for a weekend.

Now today’s race was an hour with an IF just over 1.0 and I had Lion Rock on schedule. I briefly considered doing some sort of supplemental ride on the trainer after the race, but I also plan to race tomorrow, which will be an hour crit.

Do any of you ever add a workout after a race? If so, any particular workout you chose, like a shortened version of what was on the schedule or maybe a sweet spot or endurance ride? What are the circumstances where I should consider adding a workout?

If you’re not feeling tested then add a relatively short recovery or endurance ride :+1:

I only race 70.3 and Ironman so I’ve always “had enough” after the finish line.

As I understand it, that’s not possible and attempting it would leave you utterly spent.

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I would say no because you are racing tomorrow and you should be trying to win or at least maximise your performance in races and if you aren’t doing that then, in my opinion, you have to question whether it is worth the time and money to go.

In general though, if you feel like you can take more stress and it won’t impact any other races I would say go for it. Add an hour of zone 2 onto a race which would be productive because you have a ton of cooked muscle fibres and are probably in a glycogen depleted state.

If I’ve had a solid winter I usually keep riding after the line. The early season races where I am are relatively short. I’ll add an hour or so afterwards to get some extra miles.

I’m too lazy but its worth considering. Just because it was a race does not always mean it fulfills your training plan.

As for what workout to do, consider that at many races you can find another race you are eligible for after your main race (e.g. a masters race) and do that with an eye to training rather than seriously contesting for a place. A lot of guys I race with always do at least 2 races. Also, we have a local training race series that runs in 2 groups. They will let you “sit in” with other group (for free) as long as you stay at the back and don’t contest for a place. Its not uncommon guys do both races (or pull out early of one) to get in extra work.

@JoeX yeah, it was 56 minutes at an IF of 1.04. Which for a race with lots of attacks (many made or countered by myself) it is easy to hit a high NP, especially on a rolling course. I spent about 40% of my time at endurance or under for power, and 25% of my time at anaerobic. Plus, my FTP outdoors is a little higher, so maybe bring the IF into the high 0.9s.

@STP yeah, I want to jump into a master’s men’s race in the future. But my goal race of the day is always in the afternoon, so after these earlier races, I just have to know when to pull out of the earlier race, and if it would be worth it. I’ll likely just ride more on the road after once the weather is better. Yesterday was pouring buckets, and today too I think :disappointed_relieved:

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Once race reason kicks in, the trainer road stuff goes out the window. I fall back onto my plans my coach from last few year gives me for the season. Enough to stay fresh for the weekend while still gaining fitness. I’m also one of those who likes to race into shape.

@JHow I’m already so happy with the progress I’ve made at this time, but one of my A races isn’t until mid-April which I want to be in even better shape for, so hopefully I can keep improving my fitness while racing on weekends. :pray:

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That’s the dream, isn’t it @runriderandi :slight_smile:

I really want to try and keep the TR stuff going and if I do, I may do the harder weekend workouts on the week days or something. Will try and shuffle things around or switch to low volume. But, keeping all the plans/notes from my old coach who helped me really make the next leap could be beneficial. And my ‘A’ race is not until mid August. I guess I could count Tulsa Tough weekend as a ‘A’ weekend for me, but I’m not doing anything special for it. Will do a slight taper and give it a go.

For an hour crit on a technical course with a lot of power spikes, it is feasible that you could go over an IF of 1.0 with a correctly set FTP. Not likely, but possible.

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On the Mtb I regularly see IF of over 1 for rides over an hour long. So much variation in power, with efforts out of corners and surges to maintain momentum in technical ground.

Today I completed a 4hr XC race, with an IF of 0.97. And In a ramp test a fortnight ago I had a 15w bump, so my FTP is unlikely to be THAT low.

Because it was an A race, my plan has no workout set for tomorrow, but I’m keen for one. Does anyone have recommendation for a workout that’s more engaging than Petit, but suitable? I’ve a rest week scheduled next week, but feeling pretty fresh and ready to go. Thanks

Obelisk has leg speed drills and is Active Recovery, which will be more beneficial than anything more strenuous.

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