Which workout after a few days off

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Which workout would you recommend doing after a few days off due to fatigue.
I got a race coming up this Saturday, and won’t be working out until Wednesday.
I’m in week 6 of GBHV.

I usually ease myself back in with an endurance level workout, or even a full ‘recovery’ week if it’s been a break longer than a couple of weeks.

This is more a case of mentally getting back into the routine rather than physically.

In your case, if the few days off was due to fatigue, then I’d definitely be riding a full easy week before introducing any efforts.

If you try to go too hard too soon then you may end up digging a deeper hole for yourself.

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A three day gap doesn’t seem significant to me, but how hard will the race be?

I’m doing pettit tomorrow to help get my legs back in shape after a marathon yesterday, then whorl the day after.

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I can only speak to my situation and approach obviously. I would do a higher intensity ride on Wednesday (Wynn +1, Guard) that mimics what you might expect for your race + at least 15 minutes of recovery (50% or lower) tacked on, a fairly chill endurance ride on Thursday, and take Friday as a true rest day.

I got sick at the 5-week mark into build mid-volume this month and had two weeks of minimal riding. Not quite the same as your situation but to give you my strategy and frame of reference getting back to it.

I’m not doing another full build (even though I want to) and instead will move directly into specialty. I’m retesting today and then going straight to workout #1 tomorrow. I had just retested before I got sick so will see what effect just over 2 weeks has on FTP.

I’m pretty sure that the race will be pretty hard :grin:

If I’m fatigued then a few days off is usually enough to bounce me back. On day 4 I’ll do something low intensity. Maybe a few tempo 5 min intervals or whatever I feel like. Next workout will be a bit of sweet spot. Basically I taper up.

If I jump into something really hard right after a few days off it’s brutal. Total shutdown.

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What he said