Post race day training- thoughts?

Hi all.

So I had a kermesse style race yesterday (wed) , and clocked 100k in riding. Including warm-ups, cycling too/from event, TSS tallied 120 - Not dissimilar to a hard workout in a Rolling road race plan. The day before, I did some leg oeners the day before, TSS 50. Add on TSS from my commutes, i’m on about 190 TSS this week.

I always struggle to work out whats best the day after - My Legs are tired, but I feel as if I need to complete another ‘tough’ workout; I usually follow a 5 day trainer road plan , with 3 days work (Tue, Wed, Thur) with Tue and Thur being the hard days.

For the weekend, I would like to get in another ‘hard’ workout and a longer club ride (100k).

What would you recommend? Recovery day with no riding? hard session? light session (like petit?)


TSS seems low…I’d let the legs recover, do something else for active recovery, or just a short/light TR session.

Depends a lot on your own fitness, though I can’t imagine a hard session is going to be beneficial for anyone.