Adding running to plan?

I’ve used Plan Builder most of this season. Heading into late autumn, I have three 5-mile trail races (running). Is there a good way to integrate runs into a plan? I took a stab at adding sprint triathlon plans for that time period, but it required a lot of manual intervention (removing swims, removing some base period workouts, moving specialty period workouts forward).

Just wondering if there’s a better way to integrate the runs. Ideally, I’d be able to add some runs earlier in my calendar and have the plan builder adjust my rides, but I don’t think that feature exists.

I just add a short 15 min run after my TR sessions 2 or 3 times/week plus replace 1 ride day with a 60-70min run with some tempo/ interval sections. That allows me to do the odd 5k park run/ 5k/10k race…that said I’m an ex runner so I can still manage 18min 5k/37min 10k off about 10-15 miles/week running and my cycle training of about 8-10 hours/week. Cycling is good x training for running provided you get out at least once a fortnight for a run similar in length to your goal race - in your case 5 miles.

Yup, I’m an experienced runner as well. Not as fast as you, more like 20-22min 5k on minimal training, or just under 20 if I work for it. These 5 mile trail runs tend to be 35-45 minute finish time based on elevation gain/terrain. Just long enough that I have a lot more fun if I have some structured running beforehand. I’ve done them cold before and while my finish times don’t suffer too much, my body does and I feel it for days after.