Build plan (MV) with outside rides

This has probably been answered before but I didn’t find anything.

So I’m just about to start the General Build Plan mid volume after 12 weeks of SSBMVI+II.

Due to the nice weather outside I will probably add 1-2 4+ hour rides on the weekend accumulating 250-500 TSS, these rides can be zone 2 or high intensity 3-4.
What would be a smart way to not lose fitness, do I choose the TR workouts with the highest IF on weekdays and incorporate 1 rest day (monday) for example? The longest workouts are those on Saturday and Sunday, how important are these?

You are already heaping on a whole load more TSS onto the weekends so I would keep the midweek plan as it is to avoid overtraining.

If it were me, I would keep the Saturday workout or do the equivalent outside version and just have the one day of riding 4+ hours.

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