Adding Miles After A Workout?

I just did my first TR workout - woot - the ramp test! What I want to know is exactly how to add miles after the workout? I may have overlooked it. In terms of the overall training plan, does it matter if I keep rolling for a couple miles?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

You can extend the warmup and cooldown to the workouts. It wont add any miles since you technically are not moving but it will add time. Or you can save the workout and do another one.


Hi Erica . . . thanks for the reply. Do you do this simply by peddling? How exactly do I make this happen with the software?

When my ride uploaded to Strava it converted it to 7.6 miles. That may be the shortest ride ever logged for me. I need to adjust to the idea that mileage is less important. Nonetheless, I want the little extras to be counted.

I’d keep it simple and do what I think most TR users do – save & close the first workout and load a second workout. Search the workout library for ‘Recovery’ rides (usually <50% FTP) and go from there.


Sounds like a plan. Thanks.

Speed and distance are irrelevant on an indoor trainer. I used to look at it as well until I focused on the weekly time and my watts. Depending on what platform you were using there is a popup that will ask to extend the warmup or cooldown.

All platforms will now allow you to extend the cooldown :slight_smile: There will be a pop-up that displays when you enter the final cooldown interval, just select the amount of time you would like to add.


Hey Bryce . . . Thanks, I noticed the button for adding on today. It allows you to extend it a little.

A little or a lot. You can press any of the times more than once, so you can add as much as you want.

My favorite feature that’s been added since I’ve been a member.

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