Strava Sync for Short Turbo Rides What’s the Shortest?

After a workout (which syncs no probs) I like to do a cool down with Taku or a Freeride. If I only do a couple of minutes to get my body temperature, HR and breathing down, it doesn’t sync because I didn’t ride for long enough.

What is the SHORTEST ride I can do so TR syncs with Strava?

Thanks as always.

How about using the Extend Cool-Down feature to stretch the current workout rather than starting another one you don’t plan to complete?

Then use the Workout Intensity adjust to set your desired power target.


I think 10 minutes is the cut off.

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The Extend Warmup function can be done multiple times, so you can press the +10 min button as many times as you wish for an extension of 10, 20, 30 min etc.


Good point, and that should be added specifically:

  • Stacking of button presses to go beyond 10 mins
  • Combine presses to get specific extension desired, not just the buttons shown
    • 1 + 5 for 6 mins, etc.

Thanks everyone. Yes I’m pretty familiar with those suggestions but thank you.

I guess I was just trying to get accurate average data for the actual workout rather than diluting it with up to half an hour of recovery.

Selfishly I ALSO want Strava to be able to log the extra work I put in. So it’s good to know I need to do a minimum amount of time on a cool down to sync my work. Petty I know, but there you are. Numbed motivate me.

Thanks once again.

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One option to not ‘dilute’ the data from the original workout, if you use the extend cooldown, is to go in afterward and create 2 custom laps. 1 for the workout and 1 for the cooldown. The summary data will still be for the whole combined workout but you can then quickly click on the laps to see what you want to see.


I believe the min on TR is 4 mins… some time ago i created a custom workout to try different power levels and see if the smoothing setting made and changes to actual turbo response …i raised a query to TR as they did not post… was told the 4 mins… could be outdated now though ?

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