Adding event to AT plan

Hey there,
I set up my 2022 plan a few weeks ago, but only had one event (in 5/2022) at the time.

Today I added another event (10/2022), but training still stops about a week after event 1.

Is there something else I need to do so that the plan now extends/adapts up through the newly added event?


It maybe seems like that event wasn’t successfully added if your training plan doesn’t lead up to it. I would reach out to if you try to add your event again and still don’t see changes.

Thanks @IvyAudrain ! I did reach out to support and they get it figured out. The way I did it (clicked on calendar and added event) did not amend the plan at all. So the fix was to move the first event, then I was prompted to edit my plan, and then added the new event, put the first event back in place and save. That extended the plan through the late 2022 event.

TR customer service rocks! :slight_smile:

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SICK! Stoked to hear it!!

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