Adding a ride doesn’t add in TSS and time to weekly total

For some reason a ride I did in FulGaz didn’t load into TR calendar (another one did, which is odd). I added a manual entry but it has not added the TSS or time to the weekly totals.
Not a major issue but it does put my numbers out.
Is this a bug or intentional. If know the TSS because TP has that number from the uploaded file.

Hey John!

This is something that our Support Team would be happy to look into for you! You can reach them at :slight_smile:

One thing that is easy to overlook is checking the box that says “This workout has been completed”. If you do not check that box, your workout only shows up as a planned workout and will not count towards your completed TSS.

If that box is checked and you are still experiencing issues, Support should be able to sort things out :+1:

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Thanks @Bryce. I realised that later on and checked the box.
However I was intending coming back to my post to ask the question as to why you need to tick a box.
If you add a workout in manually isn’t almost always after the event because a ride has not loaded properly? I can imagine that some people might enter upcoming workouts manually but that would be a rarity would it not.

If the entry is made for either today or a previous day could not the box be ticked automatically?

Thanks for the response John

The reason the box is not checked by default is that we are big advocates of planning your training in advance. In a structured week of training, ideally you would have all of your workouts and other training planned out in your Calendar in advance, and then, upon execution of the workout, you go in and check the box.

For example, I have three days of strength training and two days of yoga planned out in my calendar each week as recurring events. This serves as a reminder and also helps to motivate me to actually go out and do it :muscle:.

Uploads failing is a pretty rare occurence, and not something most users deal with on a day-to-day basis. If your rides are regularly failing to upload, I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team at for assistance.

For workouts that occur in the past, I feel that this could be a good improvement in reducing the click required to add a manual workout :+1:. I’ll pass your suggestion onto the team for consideration.

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