Post RAMP Test Ride Not Uploading to Calendar

Hey Team,

Weird one. I did a RAMP test this morning before I start my build phase. Right after the test I took my bike off the trainer and went out on my regular Tuesday group ride. So the end of the RAMP test and start of the other ride would be like 4 minutes apart.

The group ride is not coming up on the TR Calendar and TSS for the week is not showing the accumalated total. When I try and upload the ride manually (Strava file export) it says the ride is a duplicate.

If anyone else has had this issue is there a way around it or should I lodge a ticket so the developers know about this quirk?


Is the workout showing up in the TR application on which you completed the RAMP Test? Or is it absent from both the app and the website calendars?

Either way, go ahead and log a support request at so that we can take a closer look and see what is going on here :+1:.