Trouble manually uploading rides to the calendar

Anyone else have issues manually uploading ride data to the calendar through the web interface?

I’m on a Mac. I go to, click on past rides, click import and try to upload gpx or .fit files. Form there, the dialog just says uploading and it never completes.

I noticed sometimes if I just close the dialog the ride actually did get imported, but sometimes I have no luck and it’s still not there.

Tried Safari and Chrome but had same issue with both.

It’s a good idea to contact if you haven’t already done so, for an issue like this.

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I had this same issue this weekend on PC using Chrome. Eventually my ride was automatically loaded via one of the app (Stava/Garmin/whatever) connections to TR.

Well support is helpful as always, but near as they could tell it just seemed to be a problem with the data.

(I tried viewing the data in an external gpx viewer and it all looked fine… also it looks fine on Strava so IDK what to make of that oh well.)

Anyway, so since I can’t seem to import my activity, how do I add an activity manually that shows my TSS. I guess It’s just me being OCD at this point but I like to see my total TSS tracked each week of course. :smiley:

Follow this and use the “Bike” option. Estimate the TSS by effort. I think of the estimate as more RPE and set the desired duration. You can see the estimate, and bump it up or down to make it closer to what you think is appropriate.

Yep, I just figured it out. After adding the activity the key was I needed to go in and check the box on the activity that said it’s completed.


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