Re-working the stock plans

So my time to train is pretty much excluded to early weekday mornings for 1 hr with a single 1.5hr on the weekends. I currently am in SSBLV 2 and ride Monday and Wednesday mornings and try to fit the 1.5hr ride on Sat. As the weather has improved I’ve added an outdoor spirited lunch ride on Thursdays (100-130 TSS). I am wanting to increase my training volume and add a morning ride on Tuesday as well. This would leave Friday and Sunday as rest days.

If I can handle it I was thinking of doing a “mild” Sweetspot workout on Tuesday. I guess I could also do Petit or similar endurance ride but wanted a bit more training load. Any thoughts on this plan?

Sounds like a fine plan. Add it in, and see how it works for you. Adjust as needed if it doesn’t go as planned. You can still do an easier Endurance (Z2) ride if the SS is too much.