Add Long STEADY Distance Rides for Traditional Base HV Plan?


I’m in HV Trad base I, is about 10 hours/week of Z2 training/week. I would like to know if I should add some long rides outside or is that enough?


Enough to do what? If you aren’t time restricted more time is usually beneficial but there are diminishing returns. So you’d probably benefit from it*; though depending on your goals there could be better uses of the time.

*Assuming a reasonable progression / not injuring yourself


At the risk of repeating myself (:crazy_face:), it is really Long STEADY Distance. Speed is irrelevant.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

/steps of soapbox.


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Thanks for your ansewr.

I mean, all workouts given in the training plan should be enough to achieve the goal the plan was designed for ? As the platform give you indoor rides, should I add additional for outdoor ? Or just following the plan as it is i will be building my “base” as expected?

More base is generally better if you have the time for the training (and the recovery). Following the plan to a T would build your base as expected for that plan; which is to say training your body to tolerate / adapt to 10 hours of LSD per week.

Where did speed enter into this?

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In the thread title….unless the definition of “slow” has changed recently. :wink:

Touche. I only read the thread title once (clearly). I’ll go back to my desk now.

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At least you answere the actual question, so…:man_shrugging: