Base Training and Fun Rides

OK, I am fully committed to going through my TR Base/Sweet Spot training at low volume…will it hurt me to go out on a fun ride which may exceed my FTP by a good amount?

If you don’t crash, you should be fine!


I do this every fairweather Saturday and still progressing.

Just keep in mind, low volume plans have a fairly high intensity. If you do a fun ride that’s also high intensity you’ll do four high intensity workouts in a week. For some this is fine, for others this is too much. Just keep making sure you’re nailing your TR workouts. If you start to suffer on those. Perhaps change one of the TR ones for a Z2 endurance ride. Preferably the one that mimics the power of your fun ride the most.


I am a high mileage rider that uses the low volume plan. Bearing in mind that MOST of my riding is done at Z1/Z2, I don’t have any problems with workouts and riding.

Give it a shot.

Benefit of the low volume plan is that can find time to fit in addidonal rides on the weekend.

The only part I strugled with was recovery from intensity. Depending on where I was in the plan, adding a super hard ride after that 3rd sesson cooked me. For some people, this is not a problem at all.

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I’m on week 10 of my LV Crit plan. It’s made up of Tues (60min), Thurs (60min), Sat (90min) rides. I usually change that 90min → 60min ride mostly due to time commitments with my kids. I ride most Mondays (Recovery), Wednesday (Climbing), Fridays (Paceline/Sprints) with a fast group — about 1.5hrs, 30mi and 1000-2000ft for each ride, approx 1200cal worth for me. My Sundays are usually LSD with my buddies, we do about 40-70 miles / 3 hours. I try to pick a weekday group ride to skip, to let my body recover.

I’m still hanging on to the workouts and about to get into the build phase (just finishing 2nd base phase). I’ll sacrifice my outdoor workouts if I fail indoor workouts.