Plan builder - advice on base planning

Hi all,

Hopefully a quick one! I am starting base 1 end November Followed by base 2 beginning In January. I have the time to do a HV plan but would like to do 1 endurance ride each week outside.

Given the the MV and HV plans are quite different, in that MV is less hours but more intense workouts, should I either

  1. choose MV and add the outdoor ride
  2. choose HV and swap out a SST ride for my outdoor ride.

I am tempted by Option 1) But it seemS to be quite a lot more intensity and I don’t want to detract from building a solid base.


Many thanks

One of the podcasts discusses this topic. Their advice is do the lower volume and add the ad hoc rides. The theory is based on the concept that doing consistent lower volume is better than high volume that has to be ‘lowered’ or cut back to make your schedule work. Sorry I can’t point you to which podcast

I also have the same doubt… between mid and low volume by adding (or switching) Wednsday (1-2h) and Sunday (3+h) for outside rides.

Thanks. This seems like the new intense option give the higher intensity in MV. Would be keen to hear other’s views.

My plan is currently to swap 2hr SST out of the HV plan for a 3-4 hr Z2 outdoors.

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