Adaptive Triathlon Plan - Run / Swim Adaptations

Hi Guys,

Apologies if this has been mentioned before.

I’m currently doing an adaptive triathlon plan, but only really following the bike sessions as I have my own agenda for the runs and swims.

Therefore I keep getting pending adaptations for the swims and runs.

Do these affect future prescribed bike sessions in any way?

Is it easier to delete all of the run and swim sessions from my plan?



Proper swim/run workout handling is requested and discussed in the rather long thread linked below…

But that was originally more about pushing planned workouts to other services, and pulling completed workouts into the TR calendar, then somewhere in the middle it becomes a request/discussion for adaptive manangement of swim/runs.

None of which really answers your question… From my experience of skipping a variety of bike/swim/run workouts, I think that bike, swim and run are completely independant.

Bike workouts are fully adaptive, but not affected by TSS from anything else (although if you’ve been smashing it on swim/run then you’ll be fatigued, and find bike workouts harder, so AT will see the effects and adapt bike workouts accordingly… I hope)

Swim/run - if you miss a couple then you’ll be offered an adaptation that reduces the difficulty of the next couple of planned workouts. That’s all.

I tend to accept any swim/run adaptations, as if you try and refuse them they seem to be offered a few more times and it’s easier just to give in. I more or less follow the run suggestions, but do my own sessions for swimming anyway, just using the TR calander entries as a placeholder and something to tick off.

I did have a go at changing Swim/run descriptions and TSS to what I actually planned or did, but things can get a bit wierd, as the very basic swim/run adaptations seem to copy older (“easier”) sessions - so you can have your old notes moving around…

But I don’t delete things, unless I know I’ll not be doing them. Hopefully this way of using workouts as placeholders will be aligned with full Strava/Garmin integration when that finally arrives.

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I just delete all swims and runs as soon as I put plan on calendar to just leave the bike workouts personally.

I know this was a requested feature (to just select the parts of the Tri plan you wanted) but no action as of yet… @IvyAudrain is this still on roadmap for some point in future?


Just mark the swims and runs as complete when you do them, even if you are rolling your own in terms of structure.

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I rather like this idea and I plan to use it for Long Course Aquabike Nationals. I have my own swim workouts and I occasionally do a run for fun so that I don’t lose the ability to have fast transitions.