Highlight workouts managed by Adaptive Training

So, I got to realise that Adaptive Training does not manage all workouts: if you schedule your owns (of course) it won’t suggest adaptations for those, and it happened in the past that by moving an AT-scheduled workout to a different day of the same week, it “stopped” looking at it and never suggested necessary adaptations.

It would be nice to flag somehow the fact that a workout has been scheduled (and it’s monitored) by AT :slight_smile:

(selfishly, haven’t got adaptations in a little while now despite having failed a couple workouts, and I’m trying to figure out if AT is just “disconnected” or if it still considers me able to keep up with the scheduled progression…)

Does for me. With work schedules I move them round often. It’s only really though when you get a super pass or a fail it needs to adapt.

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They adapt for me if I move them around. Even to different weeks.

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