Adaptive Training and Workout Alternatives

A couple of days ago I replaced tomorrow’s 60 minute sweet spot workout, Redondo +2, with Mount Major +2, which is a 90 minute sweet spot workout, both having the same PL of 8.6. I used the Alternates section within the original workout and swapped to the new workout using the Replace button but AT keeps offering me the original Redondo +2 workout as a suggested adaptation. Have ignored the adaptation but it keeps suggesting it.

Not a big deal but wondered if anyone else had seen this when using workout alternates?

If you are doing the replacement in advance (hours or days), AT seems to want to reset to the original offering from my use of the tool. Kind of a pain to have to deal with the suggested adaptation, so I ignore the flag “Adaptation Pending” message if I plan to swap early.

This could lead to issues though, if you are swapping something like a weekend workout (a few days ahead), but are doing one or more other workouts before then because you get an “all or nothing” adaptation offering at the moment. If you do a Thresh workout and get an appropriate adaptation offered, but have your future swap too, you can’t pick and choose between them to keep or skip.

That limitation leads me to only swap on the day of (or even moments before) a planned workout, so I don’t get those issues.


Thanks for the fast response! In the future I think I’ll swap at the last moment rather than days in advance.

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Like that, I normally look and mentally plan the alternate, but don’t pull the trigger until I’m about to do the workout.


That’s what I do, and if I know days in advance that there’s an alternate I want to do, I’ll throw in an annotation on the calendar as a reminder (e.g. “swap with X”.)

  • Ditto.