If I pick an Alternate workout today, is it normal to leave the existing one in place? [Resolved ✅]

For some reason choosing an Alternate and putting it on my plan on the same day, has left the original workout in place. is this normal?

Hi, I am following a Plan. Today I had Slight Side 4.4 scheduled, but have chosen to go higher, consistent with 2 weeks ago.

I opened Slight Side, choose Alternates, selected Stretch, choose Estrela, choose outside, and it asked me to put it on my calendar. So I choose today, and put it on my calendar. But it has left Slight Side there.

I looked at the Alternates blog but there is nothing there about this.
Keep Your Training On Track With New Workout Alternates - TrainerRoad Blog

I was expecting it to replace Slight Side, as I went in through that to choose the Alternate. Is this normal?

You need to follow this process and actually “replace” via the TR app instead of just adding another workout onto your calendar.

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I did not just "Add another workout, as far as I know. I followed the alternates. I followed that process, but in the PC (in windows in a browser) and there is no Replace button that I can see. It merely says “Schedule the alternative”

I can see Replace on my android phone app -but not on the browser in windows.

… and now I am running out of time to get out and do the workout :frowning:

Does this “Alternates” only work via the apps? Not when accessing the calendar with a browser in windows?

  • Correct, the Replace tool is only available in the TR app.
  • The Replace tool is not possible on the web at this time.

Thanks Chad. (boo hiss :frowning: ) I wish that was clearer on the pages. Add that with the fact that the chosen ride would not then sync with my Wahoo (but the original one did) and in teh faffing about I have lost time to get outside on a nice day now. :frowning:

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Sorry for your troubles. I understand the frustration when stuff like this doesn’t go as we’d like. At least you know how it works now and can apply it as needed in the future.

Sure would be nice if all the functions were present on all the interface avenues. I think that’s the long range goal, but the intricacies of development across all the many platforms they support make it tougher than we’d like, apparently.

I’ll check in with the team about this, its definitely confusing that the web view allows you to schedule but not actually replace. Sorry for the trouble!


Thanks both @IvyAudrain @mcneese.chad. Appreciated. No problem as I used the session for a TT bike Vo2 rather than a road bike one. I have never tried to do an alternate from the apps so did not realise there was a “Replace” to look for.

I always got teh impression that the Andriod/iOS/MS Apps were behind the web browser for general use. Should I be doing general browsing and arranging/updating using the MS app on my PC, or should I assume the brower based version is best. (I use the MS app for training of course).

Thanks again for the quick response and clarification.

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General capabilities of adding and editing between the apps is close in most cases. This is an example of a difference. Things like Favorites not sharing across platforms is another.

As a guess, I’d say they are 80-90% similar, with some notable exceptions. I tend to do most of my general Calendar functions on PC via web since I like a large screen and multiple windows. But I do the Replace as needed on my app since that’s the only home right now.

So, until you hit one of those other exceptions, I think people can generally use whichever portal is easiest for them. When in doubt, a search of the support site is useful (and how I got to the link I shared). It’s quite good and pretty easy to find topics if you search on one or two key words.


We’re for sure noticing this point of frustration for athletes and trying to create more continuity between web and apps, OR working through options to diminish confusion if the fix isnt ready to launch yet. We appreciate when this gets brought up, thank you!


LOL, not meaning to poke the bear, just listing an example that is fresh in mind :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ehhhh…I have replace option in Win10

Yes, because you are in the actual TR application. This functions in all actual TR apps (Win / Mac / iOS / Android).

The limitation is at the TR website level (via web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), where “Replace” is not an option.

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:grinning: Note: Must improve when skim reading - cheers Chad :wink:

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I wanted to chime in I have also found this confusing. I’m usually thinking about Alternates ahead of time, where the web is far more convenient for scheduling, especially for outdoor workouts.

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Ok, that is really helpful to know, thanks @IvyAudrain . I did think I was just havng a moment. :slight_smile: Does it also explain two other issues I had around the same time:

  1. Why I could not get the Alternate workout to schedule outside? even though it and the original were both showing as rady to upload to my wahoo, only the original came through.
  2. There was another with workouts showing as IF of 0.00. This latter may be linked to other problems I am having with my plan which support are looking at. Saral L. has just picked that up (see odd TSS display in Chrome and Firefox).

I seem to have a whole set running at the moment :slight_smile:


Not wishing to hijack this thread but what is the protocol when choosing a Train Now workout when you have different workout scheduled. I occasionally do this if I want to work in a diiferent zone to what Alternates offers. Does deleting the original workout screw with AT?

No problem, Im here to help!

Correct, deleting that original workout removes it from AT logic. Try to use an Alternate first, that way you’re still getting that system assigned in your plan and AT wont have to overcompensate later for missing that work.
However, if you dont find something from Alternates you like, adding a TrainNow workout is great as long as you leave the original workout uncompleted and dont delete it. If you have a hard workout and use TrainNow to do an endurance one instead: AT needs to know that you skipped it, and deleting it removes it from the logic.

In the future, when AT accounts for everything and anything in terms of workouts and rides, the work you do in exchange will be better identified, and we’ll have to worry about this less. Sorry for the trouble!

  • Which is soon, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, couldn’t help myself after the related discussion by Nate last week.

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