Adaptive Training - Odd behaviour with Alternates

Last Friday I swapped out my scheduled 60 minute sweet spot workout of Redondo +2, PL 8.6, with a 90 minute workout from the Alternates list, this being Mount Major +2, also a PL 8.6. I completed it quite comfortably and marked it as moderate in the post workout survey. After completing a VO2 max workout last night AT wanted to swap this Friday’s scheduled sweet spot workout of Redondo +3, PL 9.2, with Redondo +2, the one I swapped for an alternate last week.

I ignored the suggested adaptation as it seems like a bit of a downgrade. Seems a bit odd AT would try offering me Redondo +2 again given last week I completed the alternate workout of the same progression level quite comfortably and marked it as moderate. Wonder if it’s worth emailing support?

Yes, since they are best equipped with the info and background details of your account we don’t have. I suggest this for any instance where someone has questions or doesn’t understand what TR, AT, etc. are doing.


Thanks, have emailed support.

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Hey! I’m glad Eddie from the support team was able to help provide some clarification about your Adaptations. Moving you forward won’t always look like harder workouts every time. :wink:

Let us know if you have further questions!


Thanks @IvyAudrain - Eddie’s explanation was very helpful and makes perfect sense. I think I’m conditioned to expecting every workout to be harder than the last! :laughing: I have emailed Eddie back as am now seeing a couple of other issues, seemingly caused by the latest iOS app update, although that may just be coincidence.

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Glad to hear it! I’ll keep an eye on that iOS concern as well, stoked you’re getting the help you need.

If you want to push it and see if each workout should be progressively harder, you can try for alternates to pick something more difficult/longer in the same zone; just be cognizant of when it’s time to back off. It’s easy to not catch that you’re burning out until it’s too late, which is what AT works hard to prevent by giving you incremental, non-linear, and achievable progressions in workout difficulty. :wink:

We got your back!

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Great advice, thank you! :+1::sunglasses:

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