Reminder? How to change workouts within adaptive training?

Hi Guys,

Can someone please remind me of the correct way to change a workout within adaptive training?

Do you…

  1. Selective an ‘Alternative’ instead of the scheduled workout?

  2. Leave the planned workout in the Calendar and skip it, just adding in the workout you would like to do?

Is there a correct way to do this when using adaptive training or does it not matter as it will adapt anyway?

(I should add this isn’t something that will be done often and I wouldn’t want to ‘break’ the adaptive training process.)

Thanks All

Use the Alternates functionality

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The alternates functionality will help you choose a workout of a similar type with the duration you want. But if you do decide to do something else entirely, it will still impact your progression levels, so I don’t think either option will “break” adaptive training. It’s just that alternates makes it easier to stick to your plan’s goal for that day.

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As far as I know it doesn’t really matter. Especially if you keep the same workout type. Switch between types might cause AT to change planned workouts in the future (but that’s basically the point of AT).

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