Adaptive Training and outside rides

I have built a Training Plan using Plan builder - All my sessions, which will be done during the week are on IDT/AT on TR as per the plan - My weekend rides (MTB) will all be outdoor recorded with a Garmin & uploaded to my TR calendar - No Power Meter - basically HR/Time/Speed etc etc.

My question - Will AT make adaptions taking these out ride stats over the weekends into consideration for the following weeks IDT sessions?

Lots of threads on this.

Basically at the moment no… unless you either find a suitable workout, set it to “outside” and push it to your Garmin OR do your ride then associate it with your ride afterwards. Complete the survey as normal and AT should consider it.

Of course it’s hard to know if AT has actually done anything with it - you might not have got any adaptations even if you had a power meter. I did Brasstown like that last week and got adaptations for a workout this week.

At the moment I’m doing the Polarised 6wk Plan which is a Base plan and doing the VO2max and Threshold workouts inside on a bike with a power meter and the endurance stuff outside on my MTB without a power meter. Seems to be working.

What almost certainly isn’t working at the moment is being able to do freeform outdoor rides with or without a power meter and have those be correctly classified by AT.

Thanks for the quick response.

Okay so if I redo the plan in plan builder and get it to plan out 3 sessions during the week and 2 sessions over the weekend and set the weekend sessions as outside sessions - After each outside session is uploaded to my calendar from my Garmin i then associate it with the session that the plan set - Is that a correct understanding of your 1st paragraph ?