AT Beta user question

Hello all! I’m in the AT Beta as of a month or so ago.

Does this mean my unstructured, outdoor rides, are included in my training adaptions, or only the structured, outdoor rides?


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Only TR inside workouts on their app, and TR outside workouts performed on on Garmin are included in your AT Progression Level updates.

Nothing else is included right now.


Great, thank you for the clarification. That’s what I thought, but after reading a few comments was starting to doubt myself! :slight_smile:

Still a great product!!!

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Incorporating those outside rides is a HIGH priority for the team! Thanks for your patience. :sunglasses:


Thanks Ivy! Still a great product I’ve enjoyed for the last few seasons!

You’re also great on the podcast! Keep up all the wonderful work!!

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THANK YOU!!! :star_struck: